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eTakeawaymax Increase sales Online food ordering is rapidly increasing in popularity as customers delight in the convenience of ordering online. eTakeawaymax adds a new sales channel to your business. It provides your customers with a simple way to pre order and pre pay for meals, offering ‘click and collect’, eat in or delivery service. All this is available for a low monthly fee with no order commission, so as the orders roll in your costs remain the same. Why pay hundreds of pounds each month on a commission based ordering system when you can have your own for less! Build customer loyalty The advantage of having your own online food ordering website is that it will automatically collect information on your customers as each food order is placed. The system can be set to store email addresses, mobile phone numbers, names and addresses. So, with each and every order the system builds a powerful database of your customers. With your own database you can run targeted promotional campaigns, sending vouchers, promotions, news and texts to your customers. With a little effort it’s a great way to build a loyal following and increase order frequency. Optimise labour costs Self service and pre payment minimises labour costs. All you have to worry about is managing order production to keep pace with increased sales. Increased order values With a little bit of thought, your online menu can be configured to maximise up-selling opportunities. Experience has shown that when customers “serve themselves” and pay by card, it often results in higher order values often by up to 25%. This can have a whopping effect on bottomline margins. Reduce walk aways If you suffer from big queues at peak times then you will have lost business from customers who are not prepared to queue. An efficient “grab & go” service reduces queues and walk aways. Improved delivery service No more frustrated customers waiting for the telephone to be answered. Customers can browse your menu and order at their leisure – no more mistakes taking orders.


Takeaway online ordering system

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